Thermal Imaging

Thermal imaging is the process of detecting infrared radiation to identify heat patterns. Northfield Ecocentre have their own infrared camera that is used as part of a wide range of different projects. Northfield Ecocentre have trained thermographers that are able to effectively use the thermal imaging camera and provide detailed reports. Thermal imaging services can be offered in Birmingham and across the West Midlands.

Uses for Thermal Imaging include:

  • Assessing buildings for heat losses
  • Testing the effectiveness of installed insulation
  • Assessing boilers and plant for inefficiencies
  • Testing for gaps and drafts within buildings

Northfield Ecocentre can provide thermal imaging services for homes and organisations.

Thermal Image

Assessing Sheltered Accommodation

Northfield Ecocentre worked with a local retirement home to identify energy savings and reduce the costs of running the building. Thermal imaging was used to demonstrate the current losses from lack of loft insulation. The information provided through the thermal imaging was used by staff to raise awareness of the losses and secure funding for energy efficiency improvements.

Testing Effectiveness of Solid Wall Insulation

In 2012, Northfield Ecocentre organised a local competition, where the successful applicants won around £10,000 worth of energy efficiency improvements on their homes. Northfield Ecocentre used the thermal camera to test the effectiveness of the new solid wall insulation, which was a relatively new product to the UK market. This allowed a greater understanding of the benefits.

Assessments start from as little as £150 (inc VAT)

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