Northfield Ecocentre has extensive experience working with schools and colleges throughout Birmingham and the West Midlands. We provide a range of services that help students, staff and the whole organisation become more sustainable.

Click here to learn more about our new sustainability workshop for Key Stage 2 pupils Green Generations: Shaping Our Future 2016.

We are now taking bookings for the 16/17 academic year, so get in touch for more information and to book our facilitators to your school.

We have an extensive background in energy assessments and are able to provide advice, recommendations and costings for schools and colleges, reducing running costs of buildings and therefore allowing organisations to focus resources on delivering education. The energy reduction projects can then be linked to wider education projects including the Eco-schools and Sustainable Schools programme.

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Types of Projects and Services for the Schools

Energy Services:

  • Display Energy Certificates
  • Energy Assessments of Properties
  • Energy and Cost Reduction Strategies
  • Renewable Energy Feasibility Studies
  • Meeting Third Party Standards (Ecoschools)
  • Water and Waste Assessments

Education Services:

  • Shaping Our Future workshops
  • EcoStars
  • Forest Schools
  • Food Growing & Garden Design
  • Lessons & Workshops

Cycling Services:

  • Cycling tuition for children and adults – Level 1 and 2
  • Cycle maintenance classes for children and adults
  • Led cycle rides

Food Growing Services:

  • Planning, design and delivery workshops to support your food growing

    School work

    Education Services

    Northfield Ecocentre offers a range of education services for schools, primarily aimed at key stage 1 and 2 students.

    Green Generations: Shaping our future

    Are you looking for something different to enhance or extend Eco-Schools or Sustainable Schools in your school?  Do you want support to connect key environmental issues to the curriculum and other important areas of learning in your school?  Do you need to enthuse children to take a more active role in your Eco-committee and related activities? Then we have just the thing for you.  Our new workshop ‘Green Generations: Shaping our future’ has been designed to meet all of the above and more.  The workshop will take your learners on an experiential sustainability journey exploring needs, challenges and choices in relation to key issues such as water, food, transport, energy and well-being.  The learning connects to key curriculum areas including Science, Maths, English and Geography and will also contribute to the development of SMSC (including values) in pupils and to the building of character and resilience. Click here for more information.

    For more information or to book a session contact Anne Dasgupta on 0121 448 0119 or email:

    Read our schools brochure for more information about other services for schools.

    Case Studies


    Kings Norton Boys School

    Northfield Ecocentre have provided an assessment to Kings Norton Boys School (KNBS) in South Birmingham. The visit allowed the assessor to consider how energy was being used and wasted on site. A range of inefficiencies were found and Northfield Ecocentre was able to offer tailored advice to reduce energy consumption from existing buildings and operations. The report prioritised actions to allow KNBS gain from easy zero cost changes first, then outlined potential investments and payback times for energy efficiency improvements. The assessment has allowed KNBS to consider energy efficiency when making future improvements to the building.

    Jervoise Eco-warriors - 3


    Northfield Ecocentre have been delivering its popular EcoStars programme within schools over the previous year. This project has been delivered within schools as part of an after school club with pupils and their parents. The fun and interactive programme allows children and their parents to learn about environmental issues.


    Jervoise School’s visit: “Jervoise School thoroughly enjoyed their tour & workshop on energy. We will use our ideas to improve our behaviour at school & we hope to make the world a better place by making good choices.”

    Bellfield Infant School’s visit: “We enjoyed learning about the 3 R’s. Helpful sorting the different rubbish & talking about reducing (our waste).”

    “Shaping Our Future” workshop at Minworth Junior (Y5): “Content was great and staff were very supportive.”

    “Shaping Our Future” workshop at St John Fisher Catholic Primary (Y5): “The children enjoyed having the chance to discuss some difficult questions to answer. They have taken the knowledge from the day to prepare themselves to be more sustainable in their everyday life!”