Northfield’s Orchards

Our Northfield’s Orchards project started out in 2011, since then we have planted over 3600 trees within Northfield and the surrounding area. This includes many community orchards, woodlands and even a community fruit tree nursery.

Our fruit tree nursery at Masefield Community Garden enables us to continue developing community orchards on an on going basis. If you have a site where you would like to plant an orchard please get in touch at or 0121 448 0119.

The map adjacent shows you the locations of some of the more easily accessible community orchards in the Northfield area if you want to go taste an apple or a pear at harvest time.

Northfield’s Orchards and Woodlands aims to:

  • Give access to locally grown, fresh organic fruit to the community
  • Reduce food miles and Northfield’s carbon emissions
  • Increase food security locally
  • Increase biodiversity and wildlife
  • Bring the community together
  • Make Northfield a more pleasant environment to live in

Orchards and woodlands have been planted in a range of community spaces including churches, schools, community gardens, parks, community centres and a local pub.

We wanted local people to have a free supply of good, wholesome, nutritious fruit. Plus the trees look nice, orchards are in decline nationally, and it increases biodiversity in the park too. And the fruit tastes good!
Graham, Friends of Manor Farm Park