Housing Associations

Northfield Ecocentre provides a range of services  to social housing providers throughout Birmingham and the West Midlands. Working closely with a variety of different providers allows us to understand the challenges and opportunities that housing associations face.

With tenants being affected by rising energy bills and providers expected to ensure energy efficient housing stock, Northfield Ecocentre have a range of solutions available. Northfield Ecocentre also have experience working with organisations to implement environmental management systems. This is a service that is increasingly popular among housing associations.

For more information please call us on 0121 448 0119 or email services@northfieldecocentre.org

Types of Projects and Services for Housing Associations:

  • Tenant advice services including; home visits, interactive workshops and community surgeries
  • Train the trainer events to build capacity
  • Housing stock assessments
  • Domestic & Non-Domestic Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) and Display Energy Certificates (DECs)
  • Energy and cost reduction strategies for organisations
  • Assessments of wider environmental impacts
Housing Associations

Case Studies

Energy AssessmentOptima Community Housing

Northfield Ecocentre have been delivering tenant advice services with Optima Housing Association, Birmingham. There have been a range of approaches including surgeries in community spaces, interactive workshops and home visits. Some advice sessions result in the advisor finding over £250 in potential energy savings. All tenants advised benefit from lower energy bills.

Client Feedback Reporting

Through working closely with housing associations, Northfield Ecocentre has developed an advice reporting system. A Client Energy Advice Letter is sent to the tenant to outline the advice given and potential savings that could be achieved. An Energy Advice Evaluation Report is also communicated back to the social housing provider. This allows a cost benefit analysis of the service provided by Northfield Ecocentre. Generally, for every £1 spent on our advice services, there are £5 worth of benefits to the tenant.

energyadvice_ir_0101Accord Housing Group Thermal Imaging

Accord Housing Group used our thermal imaging services for a recent ERDF project looking at improving the fabric efficiency of a portfolio of domestic buildings. The thermal imaging was performed at the same time as an air pressure test to produce exceptionally clear images showing where heat loss was occurring. This was then used to develop a work plan for each property, using a range of insulation techniques and other energy saving technologies to turn old Victorian houses into Eco Homes.