Display Energy Certificates

Display Energy Certificates are produced through analysing a buildings  annual energy usage and bench-marking it against buildings of similar use. This gives the organisation an “A-G” rating of how they use the building. Unlike the Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs), that are based on the actual performance of the structure, the DEC rating can improve by just using energy more efficiently. Northfield Ecocentre uses DECs to map the performance of organisations throughout Birmingham and the West Midlands.

If you are interested in finding out more, please contact us through enquiries@northfieldecocentre.com or 0121 448 0119

Who are Display Energy Certificates suitable for?

  • All public sector buildings over 500m2 are required to have DECs produced annually
  • Businesses and organisations that want an understanding of their current energy usage
  • Organisations that are planning to implement energy efficiency measures to map performance

What can Northfield Ecocentre offer?

  • Display Energy Certificates on an individual or multiple building basis
  • Explanation and analysis of the DEC findings
  • Free tailored advice on how to implement changes that will improve performance
  • A range of Energy Services to help reduce your energy consumption

How much do Display Energy Certficates cost?

  • Northfield Ecocentre can provide them for as low as £150, based on the complexity of the building
  • Multiple building discounts are available
  • Northfield Ecocentre can offer them as part of wider Consultancy Services