Community Organisations

Northfield Ecocentre has extensive experience working with community organisations and their networks. Energy assessments and reduction strategies can allow organisations lower the costs of running the buildings from which they deliver vital community services. As a charity itself, Northfield Ecocentre can also help to deliver a range of community projects through other organisations to reach clients and build sustainable communities.

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Types of Projects and Services for Community Organisations:

  • Community Energy Efficiency Projects
  • Renewable Energy Feasibility Studies
  • Energy Performance Certifices (EPCs) & Display Energy Certificates
  • Waste and Water Assessments
  • Community Gardening & Orchards
  • Ecokids sessions

Case Studies

Culmington Hall

Northfield Ecocentre worked with Culmington Hall, a community building owned by Birmingham City Council. An energy assessment was conducted to identify easy energy savings to reduce the costs of running the building. Northfield Ecocentre also delivered a Stay Warm Stay Well advice project through the organisation, reaching vulnerable individuals within the local community.

Turves Green Focus Centre

Northfield Ecocentre worked with Turves Green Focus Centre to ensure local communities had access to government energy efficiency grants. Through the partnership, Northfield Ecocentre was able to base energy advisors at the site and engage with users of the centres services. This allowed access to communities that were difficult to access through traditional strategies.