Northfield Ecocentre works with businesses in Birmingham and the wider West Midlands helping them reduce their energy costs and environmental impacts. With the rising cost of energy, and the increasing importance that customers place on environmental aspects, there has never been a better time to consider how your business can reduce its impact.

Clients usually find that savings of 5-10% on energy bills can be achieved through zero cost changes made to business operations. Northfield Ecocentre always begin by suggesting these savings first, before putting forward capital outlays.

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We offer a variety of services to businesses including;

  • Energy Performance Certificates
  • Environmental Management System consultancy – ISO 14001
  • Energy Brokering Services
  • Outline of potential investments and payback periods
  • Advice on grants, schemes and projects
  • Consideration of renewable energy systems

Case Studies

 Repc Ltd

Northfield Ecocentre and its advisors have provided consultancy to Midlands based recycler Repc Ltd. An assessment of the recycling site found many options for reducing energy costs through simple zero cost savings. The advisors also worked with Repc Ltd to develop an environmental service called ‘Enhanced Traceability.’ This allowed Repc Ltd to communicate the environmental and carbon benefits of their services back to their clients. It resulted in Repc Ltd attracted more clients and gaining recycling contracts.